Practical Security Measures For The Remote Workforce

Remote workforce became the solution for companies across the world to ensure business continuity during the pandemic. If you will take a closer look on their website, they provide technology support to their remote workforce to mitigate security risks and cyber attacks on work from home arrangements and connected devices.

These are practical security measures that can be applied to minimize the risks of working from home.

  • Using the company laptop is advised because the personal computer may have fewer security controls. Companies have their own hardware that can be accessed by employees only. Members of the family must not have access to any work-issued laptops and computers.
  • If the use of your personal computer cannot be avoided, make sure that it is as close as possible to office security standards. In most instances, companies provide security software as part of data protection measures.
  • Two-factor authentication must always be implemented. This means that logins must not rely solely on passwords that can be easily hacked or stolen. Authentication mobile apps or biometrics are advised.
  • There must be established guidelines on remote working that are in line with the policies of the company. The IT team can set up intrusion prevention and protection against data loss and theft on company-issued laptops.
  • Data must always be backed up following the 3-2-1 rule. There must always be 3 copies of data in 2 different storage formats like external SSD or HD drives.
  • Since there is an increase in employees working from home, the organization must have enough VPN licenses and bandwidth to accommodate the number of users. However, access to VPN must be regulated. For example, a VPN can have a maximum access of 12 hours each day. Logins must be periodically renewed for security.
  • Public Wi-FI must not be used for work-related purposes because they are not secure. If VPN connectivity is not possible, data communication must be done through encrypted email.

Computers used by the remote workforce require security against ransomware and cyber theft. You can find on their website the proper technology support tools that can secure laptops and devices used in remote work environments. You can stay connected to your team while ensuring productivity.

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