Preparing Thai Students For A Technology- Driven Future

Because Bangkok is the largest city and the capital of the Thailand, there are many schools in Bangkok that ranges from the international schools to private schools that offer bilingual or English education programs. The international schools follow the curriculum of other education programs like British or American. In bilingual schools, majority of the classes are taught in English.

The young generation is very important for the future of the country. They will eventually become world leaders although there are no clear insights on what the world will look like in the future. Looking ahead to the future, schools must prepare students for a technically-driven world. Artificial Intelligence and robots are gradually replacing human workers.

According to the results of a study made by McKinsey, it is estimated that 50% of the present jobs will be replaced by machines in the next 20 years. As artificial intelligence technology improves, the scope of applications will expand to tasks that require cognitive skills that used to be associated only to humans.

Workers in the manufacturing sector will be the most vulnerable to automation but this can be solved by education programs that will re-skill and train them to leverage new technology in their tasks. However, this is only a short-term solution as AI technology continues to develop and improve.

The next generation of workers must possess skills that AI cannot compete with or outdo. AI technology is becoming smarter and more complex to take over the roles that humans perform. The education system of Thailand must prepare students for the future meaning that there is no need to overemphasize discipline, obedience and memorization. Skills should be actively encouraged in school curriculums.

On the other hand, while machines have become more intelligent, they cannot be creative like humans. AI may surpass humans in technical industry knowledge but they will never be able use their imagination the way humans do.

It is very important for schools in Bangkok to nurture the creativity of their students. Students must consistently receive diverse and engaging education while recognizing that there is a world outside the classroom. Students must be encouraged to develop their artistic, sporting and academic talents.

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