Proactive Defence For Computer Systems To Thwart Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks on computer systems have become fairly common. However, if the computer has security software or a firewall, bad codes can be easily recognized and prevented from compromising the computer system. If you know nothing about security software and firewalls, you can receive assistance from PC repairs in Perth to lessen the likelihood of being a victim of cyber attacks.

It is important for a computer system to have a proactive defence against viruses and malware. The way that the internet is set up, a user needs to know the IP address to access the contents of the website. Hackers need to discover the IP address of the computer that they are planning to attack. Their usual victims are computers that contain valuable information.

The firewall or security system usually recognizes viruses or worms but what hackers do is to modify the bad code so that it will not be recognized by the security system. Hackers have adequate time to plan and execute their attacks whereas potential victims only react when their computer has already been infected.

The adage that it harder to hit a moving object can apply to computers. If the IP address is changed frequently, the attacker loses sight of where he is. However, this is a costly solution. An approach called software defined networking allows computers to have a fixed IP address but it is masked from the rest of the internet through frequently changing virtual IP addresses.

This concept is referred to as moving target defence that increases the hacker’s confusion or uncertainty by changing the attack surface. The hacker needs to use more resources like time and computing power to uncover the vulnerabilities of a target system. Since location and accessibility is constantly changing, it become more difficult to exploit vulnerabilities.

It is very important to be proactive with the computer’s security system to make sure that there is strong defence against possible cyber attacks. If you are not knowledgeable with the installation of firewalls and security software, there is PC repairs in Perth that will reduce the likelihood of getting infected. Their technicians are in the best position to determine the best and most effective security software.

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