Proper Tooth Brushing Technique For Adults

If you brush your teeth at least twice a day every day, you would have spent around 24 hours of the year in tooth brushing. Being an adult does not guarantee that you are brushing your teeth the proper way. There is a proper way according to a cosmetic dentist if you want to have a complete set of teeth until you turn into a senior. The best guide can be found in the British Dental Association and the American Dental Association guidelines.

While the two contents might be similar, fusing them together will result to the best manual in brushing teeth. The most basic is the timing – it should be done for two minutes and two times daily. A number of research however showed that there is not much difference if you brush your teeth for only a minute. The real problem would be brushing for under a minute which could lead to neglect of oral hygiene.

The BDA guidelines indicate that brushing should be done a minimum of 60 minutes after consuming food especially acidic ones. This will give the saliva enough time to re-mineralize, a natural response of the human mouth.

When it comes to brushing teeth, the correct technique should be applied. First, only use toothbrushes with soft bristle. Hard bristles can be dangerous to the gums and the teeth itself. It does not matter if you are using regular toothbrush or an electric one. Both guidelines agree that brushing teeth should be coupled with fluoride toothpaste to avoid cavities.

Follow a 45 degree position when brushing with respect to the hums. Use short strokes that go back and forth and swipe at the plaque that has accumulated on the gum line. Brushing harder does not mean cleaner teeth. Brushing gently is more likely to clean the teeth.

One more thing that a cosmetic dentist wants to clarify is that mouthwash should be used before brushing teeth and not after. Do not rinse your mouth after brushing but spit out the toothpaste and leave the fluoride as it works its wonder on your pearly whites.

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