Protecting Your Home With Affordable And Reliable DIY Home Security Systems

In Bloomfield, New Jersey, a Jonathan Paredes, a tenant, was able to catch his neighbor breaking into his apartment through his home security system. The intruder, a 28-year-old woman who lives one floor above Paredes’ apartment, was caught rummaging through his things as well as stealing cash and goods through his security camera. According to Paredes, the woman would steal the cash and goods and then carefully put other items on their rightful place to ward suspicions. He does not even have any idea how long the woman was stealing from him. Since his security system was connected to his smartphone, Paredes watched the break-in from his phone at work and was able to report the break-in to the police.

In West Covina, California, Bob Wang was also able to catch the burglars who broke into his house through his security camera. According to him, he just went for a grocery and went home to see his house ransacked and his security cameras destroyed. The burglars sure went to extreme measures not to be identified, putting his security cameras, computer, and even printer under running water to ensure that they will short-circuit and will not work anymore. However, the burglars missed another security camera in the homeowner’s bedroom, which captured their images. Using the images, the burglars were captured and turned over to the police.

Indeed, having security systems installed in your homes can be a very big help in securing you homes from future break-ins and unwanted intrusions. As a homeowner, you will never rest easy leaving your house unprotected and unsecured. Your home is your haven and the idea of someone breaking-in just wouldn’t make you feel at ease. However, the cost of security systems can be of concern. You might have to spend a small fortune when you want security systems installed in your house. Hiring professionals to set-up and install the security system and monitor it 24/7 can be a bit vexing. Not to mention paying for the contract and maintenance fee every single month just to keep the system running. The good news is, with the development of new technology in order to keep pace with the dynamic way of life, an affordable do-it-yourself security systems are now available to anyone and everyone who wishes to have a reliable and affordable home security system without risking the safety of their homes. Since you will be doing the installation yourself, you need not have to pay professionals for the set-up. Also, most DIY security devices do not need monthly payment and do not have contracts. They are flexible and wireless, giving you complete control on the set-up and placement of the device in your homes. They also come with different special features such as movement and glass-breakage sensors, high-decibel alarms, and smartphone and computer applications. You just have to decide what feature you want and how you want your home secured. Nowadays, it pays to be vigilant and observant when it comes to your safety.

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