Protecting Your Pet From Fleas

We humans have the tendency to call for flea control in Sydney when we notice that they are getting out of hand but how do we handle fleas attacking out furry best friends? When the area is warm and humid, fleas are commonly seen thriving. They are also more abundant during the summer time but in majority of Australia, there is presence of fleas all year. Flea bites does not only bring discomfort but it can also cause distress because of the itchiness. There are dogs and cats that are not able to handle these bites and they became either hypersensitive to it or develop an allergy.

Fleas are where parasites such as tapeworms grow. Once the pet consumes them, it can lead to an infection. Majority of cats and dogs require treatment from flea but it may not be necessary for indoor cats.

There are many options in treating flea such as sprays, shampoos, tablets, powders, chews, collars treated with pesticide and liquids known as line-ons or spot-ons that should be used on the back of the neck of your pet.

Every chemical does not have the same reaction. There are those that are fasting acting but can only kill existing fleas which is ideal if you want the pet to be relieved as soon as possible. This does not however prevent new fleas from transferring into the animal after the treatment. There are chemicals that kill adult fleas when they bite your pets which mean existing and new adult fleas can be eliminated. Lastly, there are chemicals that can disturb the life cycle of fleas which kill the eggs.

There are certain products in the market that can do all of the things above while there are those that can only do one or two things at the same time.

It is not easy to eliminate the infestation of fleas thus it is recommended that preventive measures should be made to ensure they do not thrive at all. Aside from your pets, the whole property should be treated as well by flea control in Sydney in order to get rid of them successfully.

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