Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage is the only reason acceptable by the court for granting divorce in Australia. Finding the right lawyer to handle your divorce proceedings in the court is important.  There are many steps in the divorce process, which involve making an application to the Federal magistrate’s court, serving the documents, attending the hearings and finally receiving the final order for the divorce.

The long legal process looks daunting and time consuming. Hiring experienced divorce solicitors in Melbourne helps the applicants to easily complete the process. There are many means to find divorce lawyers in Melbourne. You can ask for references, search local print and visual advertisements or search online for divorce lawyers in your neighbourhood.  Here are some important questions to ask your divorce solicitor before you engage him or her.

  1. Initial consultation – Most of the reputed divorce solicitors in Melbourne provide free initial consultation. Initial consultation is the best method to get to know about the lawyer. You can know about the background and experience of the lawyer by asking relevant questions at the initial consultation. Also ask for the fee schedule. The initial consultation is usually free but ask about it at the time of making an appointment.
  2. Experience – After explaining your issue, ask for the experience of the lawyer in handling cases of your type. If you are speaking to a firm of divorce solicitors in Melbourne, ask to meet the lawyer who will be handling your case and know about his experience in handling cases.
  3. Success rate – Ask for the success rate of lawyer in cases that are similar to yours. Discuss the necessary requirements to get a successful outcome.
  4. Time – Ask the divorce solicitors about the approximate time taken for the entire process. Know about any possible delays and how to avoid them. The lawyers can also advise on how to speed up the proceedings in the court.
  5. Cost – The fees structure is an important issue to discuss with your divorce solicitors in Melbourne in order to know about how the lawyer calculates the fees and the payment methods. Also know about the fee payment schedule and the mechanism to resolve any disputes regarding fees.

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