Railway From China To Laos Under Construction

An official said on a statement to the media that the railway being constructed to connect China and Laos is well on its way. The workers are busy burying tunnels and working with the project daily even in the rainy days. The governments of both countries are eager to see the completion of the project in order to increase the tourism in Laos and to bring more visitors that will be booking at hotels such as Luang Prabang boutique hotels.

As of the month of April, there were three tunnels being bored to the ground which is located in LuangNamtha, a province in the northern part of Lao. The longest tunnel in terms of progress is the BotenTunnel which has already reached over 50 meters. This data is according to ChanthachoneKeolakhone, the project coordinator assigned for the province of LuangNamtha.

The tunnel currently under construction is proposed to be the Laos-China Friendship Tunnel. This will go through the border found between the two countries. Project coordinator added that the tunnel has reached over 10 meters in April after being bored.

Moreover, the contractors from China are already on their heels in order to perform drilling on the foundation of the bridge which is the medium that connects Oudomxay provinces and the province of LuangNamtha.

PhonpadithPhommakit is the project coordinator assigned for the province of northern Oudomxay and he said that it is expected that around 30 tunnels will be buried under the province.

The railway will be connecting Vientiane, the capital of Laos, to the border of China. This will be passing through a number of provinces in Laos including LuangNamtha, LuangPrabang, Vientiane and Oudomxay. In total, it will go through 75 totals.

Both sides are already working harder in order to finish boring the tunnels before the start of the rainy season. It is expected that the rain might be a cause for delay of the construction and during this timework will be done within the tunnels.

Tourists from China are already excited to visit Laos and stay at LuangPrabang boutique hotels as soon as the railway is completed.

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