Rating System For Motorcycle Protective Clothing

Wearing the best motorcycle protective clothing can make a significant difference in the lives of millions of riders. Wearing t-shirt and shorts without a helmet makes motorcycle riding riskier than normal. There are laws that mandate a rider to wear a helmet as protection against impact particularly since riders rarely come on top during a collision with a car.

An Australian university has recently launched the world’s first ever motorcycle rating system in an effort to save the lives of motorcycle riders. The Motorcycle Clothing Assessment Program (MotoCAP) will be used to test and rate protective clothing so that riders can make more confident choices.

Deakin University decided to launch the program because of the high rates of accidents and fatalities among motorcycle riders. Up to now, motorcycle riders have limited information on the best clothing products that could protect them from injuries in case they crash. The new program will help in solving the problem.

According to the MotoCAP website, products will be tested on the basis of impact protection, burst resistance, abrasion resistance, comfort, thermal control and water protection. The test results will then be analyzed to emphasize the need for more protection in specific high risk areas where chances of injuries are higher.

Leather jackets are given two separate star ratings after a rigorous testing process. One star rating will be for protection while the other is for comfort. The MotoCAP website is easily accessible to riders who want to see the results. The program also hopes to improve the effectiveness of motorcycle protective clothing so that the number of injuries and fatalities can be reduced.

The Ministry for Roads and Road Safety warmly welcomes the new rating system because many riders are being seriously injured on the Australian roads. Wearing the best possible protective gear will ensure that the rider is protected in a comfortable way.

There are plenty to options when it comes to motorcycle protective clothing from the affordable to the extremely expensive. It is important for riders to balance their needs for comfort and protection to minimize the risks of serious injuries while riding. Be informed of the safest and most comfortable motorcycle gear before making a purchase decision.

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