Riders Should Be Careful In East Midlands’ Most Dangerous Road

A new study was published regarding the most accident-prone road in all of East Midlands for riders. The study was commissioned by Swinton which is an insurance firm. Using all the accident data from the government way back in 2017, they were able to find the most dangerous road for riders. It will encourage motorcyclists to wear the correct motorcycle clothing in the UK and not just any casual clothes.

National figures revealed that nine of the roads in the top 10 list of most dangerous roads in United Kingdom are actually located in London. The only road outside of London is located in Powys, Wales and it is none other than A483. Another top 10 list was created for the East Midlands and five of the roads are found in Nottinghams hire while one is located in Derbyshire.

East Midlands’ top 10 most dangerous roads are A38 in Worcester, A6002 in Nottingham, A6130 in Nottingham, A611 in Nottingham, A563 in Leicester, A57 in High Peak, A60 in Mansfield, A594 in Leicester, A6 in East Northamptonshire and A6009 in Mansfield.

According to the numbers recorded, in 2017 there were 584 accidents involving motorbike riders in East Midlands. This number is 400 more compared to North East’s record which is considered to be the least dangerous when it comes to motorcycle riding. Compared to London’s record which was announced as the most dangerous, East Midlands’ is 3,000 lower. Despite this, the number of accidents recorded in the region has already fallen by six per cent.

According to the Bike Insurance Specialist, Dan Agate, they released the findings of the report in order to warn riders who are planning to come out and ride their bikes in the open road to take advantage of the good weather. The list could serve as a warning for them to let them know which roads they need to be more careful on when passing. This is also a reminder for them to purchase proper motorcycle clothing in the UK to protect themselves in case of unfortunate accidents.

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