Sales-Tax Holidays Intended For Hurricane Supplies

The residents of Florida will be able to purchase hurricane supplies without having to shoulder the sales taxes during the months of June and July. The sales taxes will be eliminated for two weeks. These are information based on the new bill that was recently given approval by the key committee of the Senate. This good news will put a smile to the faces of the taxpayers applying for FL tax ID.

Unanimous support was given by the Finance and Tax Appropriations Subcommittee to the proposal which is called Senate Bill 620. Through the proposed bill, there will be tax holidays happening between June 1 and June 7 and between July 6 and July 12.

The bill enumerates the list if items which will be exempted from the sales taxes within those indicated dates. Items included in the list are fuel tanks foe either diesel or gas worth $25 and below, portable radios worth $75 and below, portable generators worth $1,000 and below, tarps worth $50 and below, cellphone chargers worth $40 and below and carbon monoxide sensors worth $75 and below.

Every year the hurricane season lasts for six months and it begins o the 1st of June.

Kelli Stargel, the chairwoman of Finance and Tax, said that with the help of two periods where hurricane supplies are tax free, the people will be able to prepare beforehand while an additional period will be provided when people have already acknowledged the possibility of hurricanes coming their way.

According to Kathleen Passidomo, a sponsor of the bill, it is common for people to wait until they have been given a hurricane notice before they all come running to Home Depot only to find out that all supplies have been depleted. She said that it is important for the bill to be passed because it can help those who wanted to save money. With the option of buying tax free supplies, people are more likely to buy before any warning has been given.

This will help those who are applying for FL tax ID and everyone in Florida. The proposal is now ready to be sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

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