Sole Proprietors On How To Apply For A Washington Tax ID

You may be operating a business that will need you to know how to apply for a Washington tax ID. Sole proprietors are mandated to apply for an employer identification number if they have more than one employees; required to file excise taxes like sales, alcohol or tobacco, or have a Keogh plan.

If They Buy a Business

If you are planning to buy a business, you will need to know how to apply for a Washington tax ID, especially that you need to have one for yourself. You are never permitted to utilize the EIN of the business’s previous owner.

If They Operate More Businesses

If you are sole proprietor and you have multiple businesses, you still need to use the same EIN for everyone. However, if you operate a business with various entities like partnership or limited partnership, you may need to secure an EIN for each.

How to Get a Tax ID Number (EIN)

This is the simplest task you will have to do concerning IRS. You need to secure the IRS Form SS-4 application, accomplish it as instructed. There’s no excuse for obtaining one and there is even no charge for getting one. If you have Internet access, you can simply download the form from the IRS website. You can send it by mail, email or facsimile, which will take around four weeks to process the number. If there is a need to file a tax return before you get your EIN, you can simply write “applied for” where the EIN will go.

But If You Need It Immediately!

If you are in a rush to get the EIN, you can simply contact the IRS office from 7:30 in the morning till 5:30 in the afternoon. However, you still need to accomplish the SS-4 form and have it either mailed or faxed within 24 hours. One advantage of using this method is to receive your tax ID number instantly and you can use it on your tax returns immediately.

So there you have the options on how to apply for a Washington Tax ID number in this state.

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