Some Foot Conditions Treated By Podiatrists

Podiatrists are healthcare professionals who take care of the foot and lower legs. They treat injuries, prescribe treatments for some congenital foot problems, perform surgeries, advise right shoes and help to take care of the feet in conditions such as diabetes. Podiatrists are trained to diagnose various foot and leg problems and treat them effectively.

Some of the common foot conditions treated by podiatrist in Bankstown are

  • Professional podiatrists in Bankstown treat fractures and sprains in the foot. They treat sports persons for leg and feet injuries and advise them on how to avoid injuries.
  • Podiatrists are the right persons to treat issues related with the bones and muscles in the feet. They treat bunions, heel spurs and hammertoes.
  • Nail disorders like infections, in-grown toe nails are also treated by podiatrists. A minor surgery at the podiatrist in Bankstown clinic will cure these nail problems.
  • Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that effects the foot health. Diabetes damages the nerves in the feet and disrupts the blood flow to the feet and lower legs. Diabetics should pay proper attention to their feet and visit a podiatrist in Bankstown regularly for inspection and treatment. If proper care is not taken at early stages, diabetics face the risk of amputation. Podiatrists work closely with other doctors to help patients suffering with diabetes lead a healthy and normal life.
  • Our foot has thirty three joints. Arthritis is a condition that effects the joints and is caused by swelling and inflammation of these joints. A podiatrist can treat arthritis pain in the feet by recommending appropriate treatment options like medications, physical therapy and special shoes and inserts. They can also perform surgery, if other treatment options fail to relieve the pain.
  • Podiatrists also treat bacterial and fungal infections like athletes foot, warts and callouses on the feet.
  • They are the right persons to treat foot problems in children. Consult a qualified and reputed podiatrist in Bankstown, if you notice any deformities in your child, feet. They can treat various problems in children by advising the right shoes, insoles or braces. They can also advise correct exercises and physical therapies to treat certain conditions. Podiatrists are also trained to perform surgeries when the need arises.

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