Somfy Awarded By WCMA For Best Consumer Advertising Campaign

Any decent business relies on good marketing. So to win an award for an ad campaign is a good sign for a business. Proper marketing can lead to customers going for roller blinds instant quote offers, and other beneficial results for the company. Like in any field, particularly notable achievements in advertising is, of course, recognized and rewarded.

The Window Covering Manufacturers Association has just awarded Somfy Systems, Inc. the award for Best Consumer Advertising Campaign. The WCMA awarded to Somfy after evaluating the company’s commercials about how, with Somfy products, users could “happify” their homes.

Somfy is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of motorized window covering parts. The international company was founded during the 1960’s in France, and now has headquarters all over the globe, with the North American branch being based in Dayton, NJ.

The company’s Happify Your Home™ campaign shows house pets, particularly dogs and cats, operating the controls to Somfy’s motorized window coverings with a simple paw press. Some commercials in the campaign show off the company’s myLink app. Each commercial is unique, demonstrating the different benefits of Somfy’s motorized window coverings, which include, among other things, increased energy efficiency, and privacy.

Tom Murphy, the Chief Operating Officer for the North American sector of Somfy, stated that the company is honoured to receive the award, seeing it as recognition for their creative consumer advertising campaign. He adds that the commercials are fun, and show the usefulness of motorization.

Somfy provides a myriad of motorization options for those interested, covering products for the interior, like roller blinds instant quote, and shades, and exterior products, like awning, pergolas, the like. The recent trend of growth for the smart home market in recent times means that people are now showing more interested in the motorized window coverings that Somfy offers.

The WCMA awards are a prestigious event featuring the big names of the window covering industry, held every year at the International Window Coverings Expo. The awards recognize notable achievements in the field. All entries to the awards are carefully evaluated by a selected panel of judges, based on several criteria. These include innovation, quality, and social impact.

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