Southeast Asia For The Adventure-Loving Traveler

Southeast Asia is always included in a traveler’s bucket list because it has always been promoted as an ideal vacation spot with lots of sunshine and beautiful beaches. However, much as you would love to travel to Southeast Asia, it is important to plan properly because it might be the rainy season and you won’t be able to go to the beach. There are also instances when flights are delayed or cancelled because of bad weather.

It seems too easy to book a flight from New York City to Bangkok. Airlines provide great service and terrific food. Hotels and hostels are available for the most affordable prices without paying a fortune. In fact, there are four-star and five-star hotels where you can stay on a tight budget. In addition, Americans do not even need to apply visa to visit Thailand. However, if you plan to stop by Cambodia or Vietnam, Americans are required to present a visa. It is simple though to apply for a visa online at get a private approval letter.

There are many troublesome stories you can read about Southeast Asia but it should not stop you from enjoying the vacation to the fullest. Just remember that you are a foreigner in another country; forget about doing something crazy. Don’t buy food from questionable-looking street vendors or consume water or juice with ice because it might be contaminated. There are many affordable sources of local food that won’t make you get sick.

If you are looking for adventure, rent a dirt bike to visit the hillside villages of Cambodia or the breathtaking waterfall at Phnom Kulen. This can be the highlight of your vacation because you certainly cannot experience this type of adventure back home. Guides are extremely helpful, encouraging and absolutely hilarious. Ask your guide to take you to the best stall at the night market that serves the most delicious pad thai.

There are literally thousands of things that you can do while on vacation. So as not miss on any local activities, your best option is Flyfish, a mobile app that helps you connect with locals who can help you enjoy a unique and different experience.

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