Sydney Call Centre Pays Employees Following Issue, Director Says Morale Isn’t Affected

Recently, ServiCom’s Sydney branch ran into a little issue with its payroll management system, one that resulted in its employees having to wait for their monthly pay. The problem only lasted for several days before being dealt with, and the branch’s Director says that he’s confident that the issue hadn’t affected workplace morale.

Director Todd Riley, Servicom Cape Breton, Sydney Branch, explains that the issue was the cause of workers having to wait three to four days in getting their pay into their bank accounts was something that was beyond the company’s control, though he still apologized to the employees on behalf of the company.

He expresses sympathy for all the people who were affected by the issue, causing them to suffer, and that he nor the company could apologize enough for the issue. Riley held a town hall-style meeting with company employees late in July to discuss the issue and clear up and misconceptions they might have had over the payroll management system issue that led to their pay getting delayed.

He says that the main concern for him was ensuring that the company’s employees were paid on time, and about how people had to adjust for the delay.

Riley says that the glitch that led to the pay delay occurred during the transfer of funds from the business itself to its payroll service, Ceridian. He says that the transfer was made from the company’s Connecticut site and it was wired on time, but the transfer did not reach its final destination, as if it basically froze somewhere down the middle.

Ceridian, he says, received the money, but it was late and they had a deadline, so it was put on hold for a day, which resulted in ServiCom being behind, as a transfer of about a million dollars is substantially different from a simple e-transfer between friends.

The issue came to light after several employees anonymously reported the problem to local news. Riley says that the employees who spoke out on the issue were not reprimanded, nor would they be, as ServiCom employees have the right to speak their mind on issues of concern.

Operations are back to normal for the call centre, with the Branch Director saying that ServiCom’s Cape Breton operation continues to do well despite the issue, and that they are currently looking to increase their workforce from approximately 700 employees to more than 1,000 sometime soon.

He says that, as far as the business and its Sydney location goes, they are in a good spot, financially speaking; saying that the company has great staff and are currently looking into investing into a new dialling system, having recently invested into a new workforce management team, with plans to expand their clientele.


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