Sydney Houses Quintessential Architectural Styles Over the Years

Aside from a plethora of stores offering outstanding roof and building supplies in Sydney, this magnanimous city from the “Land Down Under” also houses several prominent infrastructures with classic architectural designs. Some of these infrastructures have even stood the test of time as they have already been present as early as the nineteenth century. And some of them will be featured in the next few paragraphs.

The Sydney Opera House

If one is to think of any building that he could associate with Australia, there is a considerably high probability that the Sydney Opera House would just abruptly pop out of his head. Taking about sixteen years to finish, this Jorn Utzon masterpiece majestically stands at two hundred thirteen feet on Port Jackson. The Opera house hosts various events including performing arts presentations.

The Chiefly Tower

Secondly, one could not afford to miss out the Chiefly Tower from the list of iconic infrastructures. Giving it the distinctive characteristic is the enormous pendulum, weighing four hundred tonnes, swinging from its rooftop. After having extended its height to eight hundred and one feet when a giant lightning rod was added on its top, the Chiefly Tower is now arguably the tallest building in all of Sydney.

The Centrepoint

Giving you an astonishing spectacle of the picturesque Sydney cityscape, the Centrepoint will surely hold your breath as you look from its summit, around two hundred fifty meters above the city. Known to accommodate nine hundred sixty people, the building also houses several restaurants, and coffee lounge among others.

One Central Park

Acclaimed to be the “Best Tall Building” of the world five years ago by the Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, One Central Park is made up of two towers and six hundred twenty-three apartments. Furthermore, the park has since been known of central Sydney’s astounding landmarks.

All in all, the high quality roof and building supplies in Sydney are not the only ones that this remarkable city has been graced with. All of these infrastructures have lived up to the amazing standards that Australia have long engraved in its legacy. Indeed, all of these quintessential architectural designs still mesmerize people upon sight, even up to this day.

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