Technicians Misdiagnosed A Car’s Mechanical Problem

How many times have you visited mechanical repairs on the Gold Coast because there is something wrong with your engine? While sitting in traffic waiting for the red light to turn green, you hear a whirring sound and think whether it is coming from the car. If you have that weird feeling that something is wrong, you need to see the mechanic for immediate attention.

In Las Vegas, the air conditioner of Monica Padilla’s 2014 Hyundai Sonata started to act up. The car is very important to Monica because she uses it to go to work. Whenever there are problems with the car, Monica is not prepared for the expenses.

However, since Monica needed the car, she decided to bring it to Pep Boys near Rancho and Cheyenne for check up. The technicians at Pep Boys looked under the hood and gave their diagnosis. The technicians said that the air compressor is broken and needs a replacement. The new compressor and repair work will cost Monica $1,400.

Instead of having the car air conditioner repaired by Pep Boys, Monica decided to seek second opinion at the dealership. $1,400 was a lot of money which she cannot spare because her budget was limited. At the dealership, the technicians found a plastic bag stuck into the blower motor. It was causing disruption to the air conditioner. The dealership charged Monica $140 and told her that there were no mechanical issues that she has to worry about.

Contact 13 reached out to Pep Boys for their comment. According to a spokesperson, they have attempted to contact Monica because one of their boys has misdiagnosed the issue with the vehicle. He further said that Pep Boys continues to strive to provide their customers with an exceptional experience. They have invested in training and education to improve the skills of their technicians.

At the mechanical repairs on the Gold Coast, customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. However, to save on the costs of repair, it is suggested that car owners must have their vehicles checked up regularly. A wide array of mechanical services is provided to ensure that the vehicle is always in top condition.

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