Technology Might Lead To Tiles Looking Like Timber

Tiles have always had variety, which is why natural stone bathroom tiles are a thing, and modern technology has only expanded their range and increase the kinds of tiles available at the market.

One of the biggest developments was digital-glazing technology, which let tiles replicate the look of natural stone bathroom tiles, of any kind of surface.

Beaumont Tiles Executive Chairman Bob Beaumont says that the tiles made with digital glazing tech were pretty much the same as the natural thing. He states that the technology lets them emulate the look of natural materials so well that they have to tell the surface in other to actually tell the difference.

In particular, tiles that emulate timber and terrazzo are particularly popular. He says that the these tiles grant the look of timber without facilitating the need of regular resanding and resealing, while the terrazzo look matches well with an industrial aesthetic in homes.

Patterned tiles are also fairly popular, particularly those sporting digitally printed Middle Eastern and heritage designs.

Traditionally these kinds of tiles were only available in smaller sizes, like 150cm x 150cm or 200cm x 200cm, but digital glazing technology creates variations in larger formats, which are then easier to work with and lay.

Mr. Beaumont explains that larger tiles are great because they create a beautiful, homogenous look and feel, as well as reducing the amount of grout needed for the tiling, which is why they’re particularly popular in living areas.

Mr. Beaumont even offered some advice on how to choose tiles for the home, stating that the end result is the starting point for choosing a tile. He says that the primary considerations include the traffic in the area, weather conditions, as well as whether or not the tiles will be decorative or not. At that point, Mr. Beaumont says, is when the tile size, colour, style, finish and glout come into consideration.  He states that the main idea, regardless of the direction chosen by the homeowner, is to use the tiles in their home to improve it, as well as to set it apart from other homes.

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