Temperatures In Australia Reached A Record High

Now may be a good time to have solar on the Gold Coast as temperatures in Australia reach a record high. According to figures recorded by solar power harvester in Port Augusta which is in Southern Australia, it reached 48.9C. While this is good news for harvesting solar energy, many of the residents are not happy because they feel like they are baking every day. Pet owners have to test the temperature of the concrete at night before allowing their dogs to go out because there have been several reported cases wherein the dogs suffered blisters on their paws and children burning their foot.

There was a report in Mildura which is part of Northern Victoria that gardeners suffered burns after they touched the tools they have left behind baking under the sun. On another note, fishes living on the rivers are dying because of too much heat.

Last week, Australia keeps breaking the record for the highest temperature recorded almost daily. The heat is spreading to each corner of the country, breaking records left and right just to reiterate the fact that it is hot regardless where they are.

Noona, which is a small community with only 14 people, recorded that their coldest temperature was only 35.9C at 7 in the morning and when noontime came they were already baking at 45C.

For Meekatharra, located in Western Australia, the lowest temperature recorded was 33C while New South Wales’ Albury said their hottest day reached 45.6C.

Broken Hill was not having the time of their life either because for four consecutive days the temperature is 45C or over. Canberra also broke record at the same time period with the temperature reaching 40C and over. Port Augusta said that their highest recorded temperature was in 1962 but the record was broken last Tuesday.

Gundagai’s Niagara Café even turned off its grill and deep fryer because the AC can no longer handle the heat. Their outside tables are also deemed useless for the past few days because no one is interested to stay out in the heat. The only good news from this hell Australians are suffering is that solar on the Gold Coast are gathering a lot of energy therefore powering the air conditioning system people need in order to survive the heat.

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