Termites Can Financially-Cripple A Property Owner

People hate cockroaches, rodents and fleas because they transmit different kinds of diseases. Some pests are simply creepy and you do not want them inside the home. However, there are pests like termites that can cause immense damage to a property if left unchecked. As soon as you see signs of termites, call the local exterminators to deal with them.

Wood eaters can financially cripple a property owner because they can cause damages that are expensive to repair. Once the wood eaters damage the physical structure of a home, it will be unsafe for a family to continue to live in it.

North Carolina, in particular, is home to subterranean termites that live on the ground and sneak into the home to feed on important wood structures. There are several signs that termites are planning to make your home as their next meal.

It is difficult to find subterranean termites in the open because they prefer to live in an accessible location that is not resting on the ground. Tiny tubes of soil and mud are constructed by the termites to crawl through. It is common to find these tiny tubes in foundation wall and joists.

A pile of termite wings is a sign of infestation and requires you to call an exterminator. Termites look for places to live and eat. They have wings which they shed after they have found a new home. If you do not want the home to be attractive to termites, remove all sources of dried wood that are near the home.

During winter, it is common for families to store dried wood for fuel. Store dried wood as far away from the home as possible and elevate it from the ground. Remove the old rotten fences and stumps which are very attractive to termites. Check for any leaks because termites require moist spaces to thrive.

Don’t wait for a termite infestation; schedule an appointment with the local exterminators so that they can take a look around the property. Even if you have no previous experience with termites, it is better to be proactive and safe. Exterminators will prevent your property from being damaged by pests.



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