The Best Beach Resorts In Hua Hin

Everybody loves going to the beach especially when the weather is scorching hot during the summer season. Aside from taking a dip in the cool water of the sea, beach lovers also enjoy lying down in the soft, fine-feeling sand while allowing the sun to burn their skin. Of course, who wouldn’t enjoy eating freshly-caught seafood while enjoying the cool breeze that is coming from the sea? A perfect getaway to the beach is the perfect vacation especially for hard-working workers who need a break from their everyday struggle inside their boring office. Now, Thailand has its fair share of some of the best kept and well-maintained beach resorts in the world and most of them are located in the district of Hua Hin which is perfectly fronting the Gulf of Thailand. And yes, there are beach resorts in Hua Hin that are worthy of your time and money.

To begin with, Hua Hin is basically a beach district of Thailand primarily because of its strategic location. Being just beside the Gulf of Thailand, it’s no surprise at all that you can see many beach resorts along its shoreline. As mentioned above, some of the beach resorts in Hua Hin are considered as some of the best resorts in the world today and below are some of them so you have a variety of choices the next time you are planning a beach getaway with your friends and family:

  • Asara Villa and Suite- Their hotel is luxurious and perfect for those who want to enjoy luxury by the beach. It has a private beach area which is perfect for those who prefer to enjoy the beach on their own. Privacy is actually rare in beach resorts in Hua Hin so this specific resort is for you if you care about a little bit of privacy.
  • The Rock Hua Hin Beachfront Spa- It has an outdoor pool for those who prefer taking dip in the swimming pool. As its name says, this resort has a spa for those who are in need of various relaxation means to soothe their worn out body and soul.
  • Dhevan Dara Resort and Spa- Staying at this resort will give you the exact experience as of those who are in the beaches of Maldives. It has an infinity pool with a view you’ll fall in love.


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