The Freshest Trends For Bathrooms This Year

The bathroom now has its moment, where it takes its cue from the purpose of sanctuary.

A layering of the textures and materials, clean lines, and a focus on handmade and artisan products are included in the freshest trends for this year.

Clare Kennedy from the Domain Australia compiled the freshest bathroom trends for 2017.


With creating that industrial aesthetic, concrete is going to be popular, particularly behind baths. Quality tapware is in, and brass and copper tap ware with a brushed finish is going to be popular compared to the shinier finishes.

Upping the ante

According to Joe Grcic, a real estate agent from Harcourts, the renovators are moving towards the more expensive market. He said that people now favor the quality feel and the sleek lines.

Kate Fitzpatrick, an architect and co-director of Auhaus, agreed with Joe. For her, bathrooms are becoming more opulent and bigger – a sanctuary providing rest in order to avoid distractions.


Black with white, and black with muted grey are going to be popular because of their impact and classic styles. According to Joe, a bathroom in two tones lets people add color, taste and style, and attracts a range of buyers.

Kate suggested to pair darker tones with the color white. She said that a dark tile makes a room seem bigger, while a wall tile colored white bounces the light around.

Natural materials

Kate said that it is going to be back to nature, such as natural stone, timber and ceramics. According to Kate, people desire a restful space, and the natural materials help with this.

Colors of the earth

There is trend moving towards opulent and moody shades.

Organic shapes

People like curved mirrors, while the non-symmetrical and egg-shaped curves are great in basins and baths.


With the move going to modernism, plants, as well as views, are brought into bathrooms.

Bespoke joinery

Joinery is getting bespoke and already similar to a furniture piece. Kate said that people are custom fitting their homes to tailor to their specific needs.

Big sky

The very large sky lights are getting increasingly popular, particularly in a frameless shower. According to Kate, they emphasize a generosity of space.



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