The Importance Of Craftsmanship In Dental Crowns

It is very likely that you have heard that dental crowns can be the solution to many dental problems and you are now asking what is a dental crown and whether pain will be experienced during the procedure. Dental crowns are usually suggested by the dentist to restore tooth that has been damaged. Slight discomfort may be experienced after the procedure like sensitivity to hot or cold.

Dental technicians Ron Rebeck and Joe Mulligan are graduates of formal dental technician programs. They used to operate separate dental labs but they have now combined forces to operate Better Days Dental Lab. The dental lab is not open to the public; technicians deal directly with dentists.

The two dental technicians have rebranded their dental laboratory in order to highlight artistry, clinical performance and customer service. They are offering new and better options to dentists around Central Florida.

During their long careers, the two technicians often hear how dental restorations like crowns and bridges that are permanently installed inside the patient’s mouth are delivered to dentists with deficiencies in function, aesthetics and fit. Some dental laboratories use computer-aided design and computer-assisted manufacturing without the need for experienced dental technicians.

According to Rebeck, when he started Rebeck Dental Lab, there were already talks that machines were making the dental restorations. Now that CAD/CAM restorations are happening, Rebeck proudly claims that they put craftsmanship in their restorations. CAD/CAM restorations are basically done in a lab and they do not look as toothy.

Rebeck and Mulligan use their experience in making restorations with great function, aesthetics and fit. They make crowns and bridges for dentists only because the law prohibits them from dealing directly with the public. Both technicians are confident with the quality of their work and dentists are assured that adjustments are few, if any when they install the restoration.

Aside from the common questions on what is a dental crown, many potential customers are concerned with the cost. The cost of a dental crown depends on the material used. Dental crowns may be more expensive than other restoration options but they are long term solutions with high success rate.

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