The Importance Of Distinguishing Robbery From Burglary

The terms burglary and robbery are often associated with the theft of goods, entering a property without the necessary permission, and other related crimes. However, burglary is different from a robbery in terms of intent and the action that could result in injury to others. The difference between the two will also determine sentencing, fines, and other penalties.

Robbery usually involves the use of a weapon to intimidate, assault or cause harm to others. Burglary involves entering a property without the necessary permission with the intent to steal something. When charged with either robbery or burglary, it is important for the accused to hire a criminal defence lawyer who can defend against the correct criminal act.

It is important to have a correct distinction between burglary and robbery to avoid confusion and mislabelling of the crime committed. Serious complications with the possibility of the case being thrown out may occur if an individual is charged with robbery but actually committed burglary. The actual crime committed will depend on the exact details of the crime and the pieces of evidence available.

When an individual is on trial, it must be for the right charges because of the more severe penalties for robbery. An experienced criminal defence lawyer is very crucial in proving that his client is not guilty of the crime. The presence of the weapon element will dramatically increase the possibility of prison time. However, both crimes are considered serious crimes with harsher punishments.

Many individuals that work in law enforcement cannot distinguish the differences between the two crimes. For example, burglary can become complicated if a homeowner discovers the criminal and an attack is committed. This means that the homeowner can be harmed or psychologically damaged by the experience. In robbery incidents, the life of the victim may be at stake.

No matter the type of crime committed, it remains important to call for a criminal defence lawyer who can plan a strategic defence against the charges. Sentences for both crimes are harsh with the possibility of increased sentencing if there are additional charges. The skills and experience of the criminal defence lawyer will increase the possibility of a successful outcome.

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