The Importance Of Online Reviews

In the digital age, very few, if any, businesses can succeed without using digital and online marketing. This has changed which forms of advertising reign supreme, but word of mouth has stuck around.

Online reviews are the new form of word-of-mouth marketing, and they can make or break businesses. They play a crucial part in determining the success of a business, as people use them as basis for their purchasing decisions.

There are plenty of reasons while online reviews are so popular, here are a few.


The fact of the matter is, online reviews are easy to find. It takes all of 5 minutes to look up a review on a business you’re interested in thanks to search engines, mobile apps, and the like.


A lot of the time, reviews for a business will be visible to someone before they even choose to click links. A Google search of something like ‘pizza delivery’ will likely have local results listed alongside their reviews and ratings.

Don’t let reviews scare you.

Okay, reviews are very important, but there’s the misconception going around that negative reviews should be avoided like the plague. That’s not necessarily true.

Negative reviews are inevitable; your business can’t please everyone, after all. The good thing is that having a few negative reviews actually help build credibility and trust, as balanced reviews are more believable and consistent. People are more likely to believe king kong agency reviews if there are a few ambivalent and negative opinions amidst all the praise.

On top of that, responding to negative reviews can lead to better publicity than responding to positive reviews, as it shows that you care about customers.

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