Tips For Dyeing Clip In Hair Extensions

The good thing about using remy clip in hair extensions is that you can easily change its color by dyeing it to the color you prefer. However, you do not want to damage the hair extension especially that human hair extensions are way pricier than their synthetic counterparts. To prevent damaging your hair extension while dyeing it, take a look at these tips:

  • Dye a hidden section of your hair extension to the result of dyeing on the hair extension. This will give you an idea if the color of the hair extension will match your natural hair.
  • Be sure to dye the clip in hair extension darker than your natural hair. Chose water based dye or one that does not have harsh elements on it to prevent damaging the hair extension.
  • Choose high quality semi-permanent hair dye that is specially formulated for human clip in hair extensions. A good quality dye will hold the hair extension’s color better and as a result, you will be able to use the hair extension longer.
  • For a successful dyeing of hair extension, start on the middle part especially if you would be dyeing a long hair. After that, work your way up to the roots then go down to the hair’s ends.
  • When you color the hair extension, fold the foil over the hair weft to allow the color to stay on the hair. Follow the dye’s accompanying instruction as to how many minutes you are going to wait before rinsing the hair extension.
  • Use hair conditioner after rinsing the hair extension. Just like your natural hair, hair extension needs t be conditioned to keep it from getting damaged.
  • Rinse the hair extension properly to avoid molds when you store it in a dry container after.

Make sure that you will dry the clip in hair extension thoroughly before keeping it in an air tight plastic container. By totally drying the hair extension, moisture will evaporate completely. If you will keep the clip in hair extensions without properly drying them, the strands will stick together and will develop foul smell. It will also attract dirt and dust if not totally dried out.

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