Tips To Choose A Patent Attorney

Applying for a patent is often a cumbersome and difficult process which takes years to complete. Most of the innovators and new entrepreneurs do not have proper idea about how to go about the process. Hiring the services of expert patent attorney will help them to complete the patent application process in a smooth and easy manner.

Experienced patent attorneys have the necessary expertise to guide the start-up entrepreneurs, on the entire process of How to patent an idea and protect their innovation from being stolen by competitors. However, it is recommended to hire an experienced and reputed attorney to safeguard your money and investment. Here are some tips to choose a patent attorney.

  1. Choose registered patent attorneys. Only registered attorneys are authorized to help others to procure patents for their inventions.
  2. Choose a patent attorney, who has the required expertise in your field of invention. The attorney must have good knowledge about the field and should be able to represent your case well.
  3. Do the basic research to get contacts of good patent attorneys in your neighborhood. Attend workshops and seminars for inventors and join inventors clubs to get recommendations of trusted patent attorneys.
  4. You can check the website of patent office to get a list of registered patent attorneys in your country. You can also get information about reputed patent attorneys from trade magazines and directories.
  5. Once you choose a few attorneys, schedule an initial interview and ask for a quote. You should ask the following questions during the interview.


  • How the attorney conducts the patent search. Does he use the services of a professional searches or will he do it by himself.
  • Is the attorney willing to provide a patentability opinion in writing while filling the final patent application for your invention? The opinion should contain information about the claims of similar patents found during the patent search and how your invention is different and better from the others.
  • Ask about the charges of the attorney and compare them with the charges of similar professionals in your city. The charges should be reasonable and competitive.

The attorney should be willing to answer all your questions and maintain open channels of communication. Choose a patent attorney reputed for trust and integrity and who can guide to in the entire process of How to patent an Idea successfully.

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