Too Much Technology Can Be Bad For Health

Detox programs aim to rejuvenate the body and mind by cleansing it from stress and toxins. However, there is a new kind of detox program called digital detox that helps a person reduce dependence and addiction to technology. Just like any habit, it is very difficult to break the dependence on constant connectivity because phones and computers are vital for work. On the other hand, technology should not run your life.

Some holiday retreats offer digital detox where guests are requested to give up their gadgets upon their arrival. A better option though is a holiday destination where the internet cannot be accessed. An average person spends a third of waking hours connected to the internet. They are addicted to surfing the web which makes it a struggle to switch off the mobile phone because of the fear of missing something. Addiction to technology can affect work productivity, memory and mood including sexual life. Its worst effect is the increase in stress levels.

Signs of technology addiction

  • You can’t resist checking the mobile phone in the middle of the night
  • You multitask by switching from emails to messaging. This increases the stress hormone, cortisol plus adrenaline that can disrupt the brain.
  • You prefer to stay home with fewer face-to-face conversations.
  • You need to constantly check the phone and have it with you at all times of the day
  • You become highly anxious when the battery is low
  • You become worried and agitated when you cannot access your social media accounts
  • You risk your life playing Pokemon Go while driving

To reduce the need for technology, switch off the phone or keep it silent unless you need it. Uninstall apps that increase your addiction. Treat yourself to a holiday to feel happier, more relaxed and rested because getting rid of the habit is difficult to do at home.

If you are committed to changing your life and getting rid of your habits, detox retreat Thailand is the most ideal place for your holiday. A team of health and fitness professionals is prepared to help you with your lifestyle transformation.


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