Tourists Settling Travel Issues With Vice President Of Myanmar

There have been issues arising from tourists in South Korea, Japan and China saying that they are required to have a minimum of $1,000 before they are allowed to enter Myanmar. This issue is going to be raised by the Ministry of Hotel of Tourism to the president of the country, U Henry Van Thio who is also National Tourism Development’s Central Committee chairman. Local businesses including operators of service apartment in Yangon are hoping that the issue will be settled as soon as possible in order to not impact the hospital sector negatively.

It was before the end of last month when it was announced that Myanmar decided to grant visa-free entrance to visitors coming from the countries of Japan, South Korean and China starting on August 1. In a more detailed statement by the Ministry of Labor, Immigration and Population, travellers coming from China as well as Macau and Hong Kong will be allowed to have their visa application as soon as they land in the county. On the other hand, travellers from South Korea and Japan can enter without visas starting on October 1 with the condition that they must have a minimum cash of $1,000.

Visas upon arrival are provided by the department of immigration for travellers coming from Macau, Hong Kong and China in three different international airports in the country – Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon and Mandalay.

For South Koreans and Japanese who are granted with visa-free entrance, they can enter either by air, land or sea transport. They are only required to show a record of their return ticket. This requirement has been a hassle for those who are planning to use the land borders of the country in leaving. Tourists from the listed countries are only given 30 days to stay in the country which is bad news for those who are planning to stay more than that timeframe in Myanmar.

The confusion needs to be settled in order to ease the worries of government departments and the tourism industry including service apartment in Yangon which admitted that majority of their bookings are from these Asian countries.

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