Twin Valley Facing Budget Deficit

Karen Atwood, the business manager of the Windham Southwest Supervisory Union, said that the Twin Valley Joint School District is currently having problems with their final year’s budget. It seems that there is a shortage funds and it could end up as bad news for the school board. Atwood said that she relayed to the board members the fact that the final year’s budget could be short by around $6,000. The final year is set to end on the 30th of June. The main reason for the shortage is due to maintenance around the school including its boilers. According to the staff of, repair and maintenance is not cheap but it is a big investment for institutions to operate comfortably.

Atwood further explained that the Twin Valley High School’s boiler powered by oil has been replaced after it failed to operate. Another boiler which is operating using woodchip has also met the end of its operating life after suffering damage from the flood caused by broken sprinkler pipes in the building. She said that the issues have been continuous that the school has no choice but to spend more. Their current problem involves the heat exchange units installed on the school’s roof which will need $3,400 worth of budget to be repaired.

Board members inquired about the warranty of the heat exchange unit because it was only installed four years prior at the same time that the merger project was implemented. Atwood clarified that the unit has already expired and the warranty is no longer valid four years after the installation. The entire unit does not need to be replaced but only the electronic parts.

James Walker, a board member, said that the part in question is called the variable frequency drive and it is responsible in controlling the amount of air that is exchanged which is also determined by a number of factors. He offered a suggestion that the single speed setting should be used for now to bypass the error from the electronic unit. This way, they can wait until the 2019 budget has been released to continue with the repair.

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