UK Customers Think Brand Censorship Jeopardize Free Speech

With the power of online reviews, it’s no surprise that companies work so hard to make sure they paint a complimentary image of them. Whether its King Kong agency reviews or not, companies like to see nothing but praise, with some even going so far as to manipulate things from behind the scenes.

According to a recent report, that’s fostering distrust in customers, particularly in the UK, with the majority of customers surveyed (60%) saying that they’d stop using a platform if they found out that they censor reviews.

The review, entitled The Critical role of reviews in Internet Trust, was commissioned by online review platform Trustpilot, and is an analysis of online trust in an age of increasing distrust. A lot of customers polled, at 71%, stated their beliefs that that brands are tampering with online reviews in order to improve their image, and is resulting in money that can’t be wasted getting wasted.

The findings show the increasing reliance of customers on online reviews like King Kong agency reviews, and the latter’s increasing power, with 90% of the respondents saying that they turn to reviews before buying a product online, with the average UK customer spending £433 on online purchases influenced or informed by reviews.

On the flip side, customers are also wary of the fact that their feedback could be manipulated by companies, with 47% of the respondents stating their beliefs that companies are manipulating their image online by creating fake customer reviews, with another 40% stating that they think companies are doing so by deleting reviews that are negative or partly critical.

Trustpilot Founder and CEO Peter Mühlman states that the research makes it clear that people are aware of having their strings pulled from the shadows in this age of fake news and institutional distrust. When it comes to their interactions online, people want to know if their feedback is actually being heard and acknowledged, and that their reviews are giving people the full picture of a company or brand; warts and all.

On the other side of the fence, Mühlmann states that companies should remember that customer feedback helps them improve, stay honest, and keeps them in touch with the customers that keep them alive.

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