UK Might Soon Face Super Rats

British homeowners and pest control in Newcastle and across the country might need to brace themselves, as a shocking revelation from a research from the University of Reading, which has identified a genetic mutation in rats across the Southern parts of the country.

The mutation, christened L120Q, grants the rats who possess it resistance to the most common toxins used in pest control in Newcastle and the whole of UK, which could lead to them running amok in homes across the country. Some scientists are expecting the worst, saying the possibility of the UK rat population spiking up thanks to the resistance from this mutation is very real.

Dee Ward-Thompson, a member of the British Pest Control Association, expressed concern about this revelation, saying that it could lead to a severe risk to public wellbeing.

The University of Reading team that discovered this mutation studied rats across England’s Central South regions. They were unable to acquire data for the rest of the country, but the revelation has brought up fears that this mutation could spread across the country. Ms. Ward-Thompson says that, alarmingly, the study also note that pest control resistance is growing in rats across the UK.

Near the end of 2017, Brits were told to batten the hatches as cold temperatures forced rats across the country to head indoors, seeking shelter from the exceptionally cold winter conditions that have plagued the country.

TP Services’ Terry Walker, says that he and the company has been called upon more and more to deal with pests at both homes and businesses.

Walker notes that people, in particular those with larger families, tend to place their things near their bins, which attracts mice and rats wholesale. Another thing they note is that, people tend not to have bins, instead putting their rubbish in bags that usually end up near the road, a pattern that UK’s rodents have taken note of, they say.

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) has data that shows that the average Brit household has at least, a dozen entry points vermin can use to invade the premises.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the BPCA said that they have noted an increase in reports regarding poison-resistant rats in the past years, and that they expect there to be further increase in the future.

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