US News And World Report Lists The Country’s Most Well-Paid Job

The US News & World Report listed the country’s highest-paying professions, and noted that the healthcare industry accounts for a lot of the list, explaining all the Affordable Dental Solutions Limerick and people working to be doctors.

In the US, the highest paying job is anesthesiologist, with an average annual salary of $267,020, according to the data compiled by the US News, acquired from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The top 3 of the list is rounded out by surgeons and oral surgeons, while the majority of jobs in the top 10 spots are also within the field of healthcare.

They did note that these high-paying jobs require a considerable amount of education, which costs money and time. The Association of American Medical Colleges noted that 4 years of medical school cost 2019’s class about $250,000 and $330,180, for public, and private universities, respectively. The cost, however, is worth it according to research from the Brookings Institution, which noted that doctors are the most likely profession to sit at the top 1% of earners, meaning that surgeons, people who handle Affordable Dental Solutions Limerick, and other healthcare experts get good returns on their investments.

Of the list of 25 top-paying jobs in the US, 14; more than half, require a doctorate degree, and all are in the medical field. The sole exception to this are lawyers, which the US News & World Report classifies as part of the Social Services sector, who earn an average annual salary of $144,230.

Nine of the jobs on the list, which all earn six-figures, only require a bachelor’s degree.

The job on the list that demands the least, an undergraduate degree, is petroleum engineer, which earns an average annual salary of $156,370. US News did note, however, that they tend to work in and office and travel to drilling sites, resulting in a potentially stressful and time-intensive work environment.

Good news for pilots, as they made the list for the first time ever, with their average annual salary going up to $146,660. While some airlines do require that pilots have a bachelor’s degree, a college education isn’t always a requirement. Pilots, however, undergo training and tests to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, on top of several psychological and aptitude tests.


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