Using Public Buses As The Canvas For Art Work

If you are going to ride a public bus in Pune, you will be in for a pleasant surprise. The city’s Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) public buses that transports thousands of people daily will be the canvas to several artworks that include photographs, paintings and poems. Artwork will be used to decorate roofs and windows as part of an ongoing endeavor to democratize art.

According to city documentary photographer Abhijit Patil, art galleries have a reputation that is exclusive to the rich and art connoisseurs or what can simply be considered as “art bureaucracy.” When Abhijit started Sadakchhap in 2013 to respond to art bureaucracy, several artists joined the movement to be free from the constraints on what artwork will appeal to certain gallery or class of people.

After the display of artwork in Tulsibaug, Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center and the Garware Subway, the fourth edition of Sadakchhap is supposed to turn Pune’s public buses as a canvas for art work. Usually, exhibitions are viewed by a limited number of people but buses that travel all around the city will allow art work to be exposed to a larger audience. More than 40 visual artists will allow the common people to be in intimate touch with art.

When Abhijit was approaching PMPML authorities for permission, he was worried about red tape but he was surprised at the response he received. City buses never became a canvas for art so that Satish Ghate, Pune’s station depot manager immediately welcomed the idea and provided this approval for the project. He facilitated meetings with other depot managers for similar exhibitions.

Of the 130 buses, more than 50 buses will be used as art canvases, with one bus dedicated to an artist. Since there is no screening committee, everyone is invited to come forward with their art. Artists are encouraged to showcase their art the way they want it to be.

Canvas Wall Art is your best option when planning for wall décor. Instead of buying expensive paintings, you can choose a family portrait or a photograph of a memorable moment to be printed on canvas. The image will be given that extra pizzazz to make sure it looks its absolute best.


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