Video Game Producer Cliff Bleszinski Moving On To Broadway

Cliff Bleszinski was the developer behind the video game Gears of Water. Despite doing well in the industry, he decided it was time to move on to greener pastures and try his hand in producing shows on Broadway. Every developer know that it is not easy developing games especially cheap games because they will not bring in a lot of money therefore many decided to leave the industry and pursue other careers instead.

The shift from video game to Broadway was unexpected that even Cliff Bleszinski himself tried to express the same sentiment through a post using his official account on Twitter. According to him, he is going to be one of the producers HadesTown, a show on Broadway. The show can also be viewed at Spotify.

He explained how he got himself tangled up with this new industry and decided to move on from gaming. Apparently, his niece is obsessed with Broadway and she tried introducing it to him. It was then that he found himself wanting to try the production part of the show. Technically, he is considered to be an investor rather than a producer but he is dubbed as a co-producer because he will have a hand in the actual production of the show.

Naturally, many people who are in the loop of what’s going on with the gaming industry were shocked with the news. They were not expecting this because at the beginning of 2018, there are already talks of a new video game Radical Heights being developed by Boss Key Productions. The game is fashioned after the Battle Royal mode.

Many grabbed Radical Heights as soon as it was released in the market but the number is not enough for Boss Key Productions to continue developing games. The end Boss Key Productions prompted Cliff Bleszinski to leave the gaming industry too. He is no longer intent on producing cheap games but rather he has shifted his interest to a new endeavor with the hope that it will be successful unlike his previous venture. Hades Town will have its previews starting March of next year.

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