What Paper Recycling Does To The Environment

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, people living in the US use at least 85 million tons of paper as well as paperboard every year. About 50 percent of discarded paper is being recycled. This particular figure leaves a greater room for improvement. According to Paper Recycles which is a website of the Paper Industry Association Council, the industry of paper making has already set goals of 60 percent recovery about three years ago. Meeting the goal will also help conserve finite forest resources and also reduce release of substances which are harmful to the environment.

Reduce Stream of Solid Waste

The EDF or Environmental Defense Fund asserts that through diverting paper into recycling processing plants instead of being placed in landfills and recycling paper when possible will definitely help waste processors in avoiding having to build new sets of landfills. This will thereby reduce the release of harmful methane gases and other toxins in the air. Around 80 percent of paper which is thrown away will eventually end up in landfills while the rest will be incinerated.

Global Warming is Minimized

When the waste stream is successfully reduced, this will minimize the release of methane gases as well as other pollutants given off by the decomposing materials found in landfills. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, methane is considered to be a very powerful greenhouse gas which is responsible in depleting the ozone layer which protects the earth from the deadly rays of the sun. When compared to carbon dioxide, the global warming potential of methane is around 25 times higher.

Fresh Timber Cutting is Minimized

Figures which were released to the public by the EPA suggested that whole trees as well as other plants made up around one third of the raw products which were used in making paper. The availability of having so many recycled papers is the primary reason why raw products do not make up a large percentage of the raw products in the production of paper. Reducing the need for fresh timber in making paper is a very important benefit of recycling papers.

Companies are advocating for recycling papers like Paper Mart as they are directly engaged in paper products.

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