What Patrick Mahony’s Psychoanalytic Therapy Is for Patients

Psychoanalytic therapy is one popular treatment common to mental health consumers. Though they don’t have an exact concept of how it is done, it aims to have patients understand their current behaviors, emotions and thoughts based on earlier experiences. This type of therapy is based from the theories and work done by its founder Sigmund Freud, and how it can help patients. Psychoanalyst Patrick Mahony considers himself a follower of the famous Freud.

What is this Therapy?

The psychoanalytic therapy perceives the unconscious mind on how it can affect the thoughts and behaviors of individuals. Freud depicts the unconscious mind as a storage for memories, thoughts and desires that is unaware of it’s happening. The unconscious influences will usually result to psychological distress and disturbances. Psychoanalysis involves looking at early childhood experiences to determine how the individual is shaped and how it contributed to the current actions. To better understand what psychoanalytic therapy is, schedule an appointment with Patrick Mahony for a brief explanation.

How Does the Therapy Work?

Psychoanalytic therapy is all about listening to the patients talking about their lives and how they can find a cure to their mental problems. The psychoanalyst will find significant events that have contributed to the client’s difficulties in terms of mental health. The specialist believe that the unconscious feelings, thoughts and motivations have a major role for the development of mental illness and maladaptive behavior of that specific person.

The Psychoanalytic Process

People undergoing such therapy will need to visit their therapist like Patrick Mahony at least once a week. The therapy may last for a number of weeks, months or even years, just to cure and help the person in need. The process will provide hope to the patient, so he gains insights and awareness of the unconscious forces that make him have the present mental state.

The Intensive Treatment

Patients may find the psychoanalyst too personal and intense. Like Patrick Mahony, he needs to deal with the patient’s past experiences, feelings and relationships. The patient may also feel uncomfortable with how he brings out his feelings and experiences. While the process may seem uncomfortable as the patient needs to be honest and open, but it can initiate some insights and the difficulties that he experiences. It’s a way to find cure or treatment with the process.


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