Why Accumulating Steam Is More Efficient And Cost Effective

One of the essential commodities of an industrial process is steam because of its efficiency and cost effectiveness. Energy savings can be gained from steam accumulation derived from a reduction in boiler output in combination with load stabilization. Other prospects for energy savings can be derived from the elimination of excess steam generating capacity and part loading.

Part loading can cause a low load factor, removal of a rapidly fluctuating steam demand and idle live capacity that tends to increase standing heat and power losses.  The possibility of steam accumulator to meet a fluctuating steam demand from a smaller steam boiler that is operated at higher load factor and at constant output with higher efficiency is absolutely real.

The purpose of a steam accumulator on the boiler is to provide a means to convert an irregular process steam demand to a steady load. The benefits provided by a steam accumulator include significantly lower energy costs due an increase in operating efficiency. It can also provide an immediate response to steam demand with a secure steam supply at constant pressure, temperature and dryness while eliminating boiler priming high and low water lock-outs caused by wide load swings.

Steam accumulation also ensures high product quality with lower capital costs at the same time that it reduces environmental pollution. In the industrial process steam accumulation means the storage of surplus steam that is produced when there is low demand for subsequent release to be able to supplement the boiler output during high demand. An industrial process that has variable demands for steam can benefit from this highly efficient technology.

The size of the storage vessel will depend on the difference in pressure raised in the boiler and the pressure required by the industrial process including the amount of storage that is required. Storages vessels usually range in size from 1m3 to 15m3 in volume or more or it can be multiple vessels that will meet the demands for storage volume.

Boilers that are operated in steady load conditions would lead to less depreciation and lower maintenance costs. To invest in steam accumulation technology, simply visit www.MSBoilerRepairsNottingham.co.uk.

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