Why Shipping Ports Should Have High Air Quality

In an effort to help curb global warming, seaports all over the world were requested to decrease their contribution of carbon dioxide emissions. This also includes operators of FTL dedicated truckload freight which is one of the biggest contributors in the shipping industry. One of the biggest concerns according to authorities are ports located close to coastal areas because of the high level of air pollution that increases health risk for the public and is also harmful to the environment.

The ocean covers 72 per cent of the surface of the earth or equal to 363 million in square km. Data revealed that around 40 per cent or nearly 2.4 billion of the population are residing inside the 100 km range from the coast. A report from two year ago published by the United Nations revealed that more than one-third or equivalent to 37 per cent of the total population of the planet are living within coastal areas. Almost 10 per cent or over 600 million humans are located in low coastal areas that are only 10 meters above the level of the sea.

It is important for ports to have clean air quality because the opposite will put the workers as well as the residents at risk. This will impact not just human health but also the environment. Port operations contribute to emissions while other indirect sources are also responsible.Emissions also come from cargo handling of various cargoes such dry bulk materials like coal, iron ore and grain. Dust is not harmful per se but it could affect the visibility which is a problem for residential areas close to the port.

The health of the public is at risk when the air quality in ports is considered poor. The particulate matters are responsible for a number of respiratory illnesses such as chronic lung, pneumonia and bronchitis. This has also been linked as the reason for premature deaths among people who are exposed. This is why the shipping industry along with owners of FTL dedicated truckload freight is requested to lower their carbon dioxide emissions for the betterment of the entire planet.

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