Why You Can Count On California Rehab For Drug Related Issues After A Disaster

Nowadays, the news is filled up with heartbreaking stories about the victims of hurricane Harvey. It seems like everywhere we turn there is more bad news about its damage, displacing more people in the coming years, and even death. Besides the consequences of the hurricane in Houston, around 8000 acres of wildfires are currently burning in California triggered by a severe heat wave.

Unfortunately, the tragic events often include danger and the not quite evident like destroyed houses, as drug or alcohol abuse. Psychology research shows that more people abuse substances more often after natural calamities. While we really don’t know the real reason for such case, but it can be a form to console psychological distress. You may need a California rehab to get you back to sanity and be relieved from distress.

The Risk for People with Mental Health Disorders

Studies show that those who are suffering from mental health disorder will likely abuse substances after a natural disaster. Researchers say these people go for substance abuse to cope with the tragedy. If you know someone who has been affected by such calamities, you may want to watch out about having them use drugs or alcohol. We need to support them thoroughly before substance abuse rates will get worse.

Why the Increase in Substance Abuse?

You may find it impossible to consider why substance abuse rises after disasters. However, an explanation to that is to soothe themselves with such tragedy. Many people who have experienced disasters in their lives are often prone to psychological distress, which can manifest anxiety, depression or PTSD. In other words, they feel worse after such traumatic events. If you put them in a California rehab, they may be relieved from their problems and addiction can be fully eliminated; hence, a way to recovery.

Another reason for substance abuse to increase is being provided with minimal mental health services and social support. Let’s say if you were treated with mental health disorder and you unlikely can’t find a care provider or get your medication, you may feel like turning to drugs or alcohol. Also, if you get social support from church, and after the devastation, you are alone and isolated, then there’s a bigger chance for substance abuse.

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