Why You Should Install Solar Panels On The Gold Coast

Around 30% Gold Coast homes have installed solar panels on their roofs. As you can see, many homes have turned to solar panels on the Gold Coast for a number of reasons. This should include plenty of sunshine, significant solar incentives from the federal government, and low prices for solar PV systems.

Why Installation of Solar Panels is a Great Idea?

You can always turn to energy bill savings when you use solar panels.

In Gold Coast, people receive an average of 4.2 hours of sun every day. It’s even considered one of Australia’s sunniest cities, and one of the perfect places to install solar panels. The 4.2 hours per day can be converted to solar energy production in kilowatt-hoursand can vary on the size and efficiency of the solar system.

So what size is right for you? New applicants are often referred to state-sponsored solar feed-in tariffs, which vary on the amount of energy used by one during daytime. You may want to install battery storage as backup; however, you need to ensure that the solar panels on the Gold Coast should meet your daytime electricity needs. Excess solar will simply go to waste, which present Queensland retailers can provide up to 8-12c/kilowatt hours for your extra solar energy. It’s incredibly lower than the regular retail electricity rates.

Adequate Sunshine Will Yield Significant Federal Incentives

The federal government provides efficient upfront discounts on solar system installation rates, which fall under the limited components of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET). The discount is rightly given to the price of the solar system done by your installer. The incentivessuch as higher discounts can vary on your location specifically in sunnier areas. Gold Coast,along with Brisbane, is technically in the second sunniest area falling under the scheme.

A Lower System Installation Prices

The solar panels on the Gold Coast can turn into lower prices for solar system installation. In the whole world, Australia ranks one of the lowestinstaller for solar panels. Their prices compete with those offered in Brisbane. A solar company, Solar Choice had advertised pricing data for cities around Australia on a monthly basis. You may also want to check some other providers for solar panels, see and compare their prices to obtain the best buys.

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