York House Remodeling Started And Will Soon Become A Wedding Venue

A historic building located in Malton is now starting its remodeling in order for the place to become the number one wedding venue in the area.

York House with location in Yorkersgate is just next to the Talbot Hotel. It is now under major renovation work since it is expected to be launched in April.

The York House is already three centuries old and it features original flooring made of stone and a magnificent staircase made of oak which makes it a perfect place to host the reception drinks before the start of the event. It will be used together with the semi-permanent marquee found in the hotel so the venue is expected to cater a maximum of 150 guests in the event of a wedding or a formal dinner.

According to the general manager of the Talbot Hotel, David Macdonald, there is a very high demand for wedding that the Talbot Hotel cannot cater to them all at the moment. He said that there are many couples who are inquiring on the hotel because they wished to be married there but the number of guests is one of the limiting factor as there is only so much that the function can hold while still making sure that everyone will be comfortable and will have a great experience. York House is the answer to this problem because of its space which will be enough for large events and it is only next door to the Talbot Hotel.

Macdonald also added that the building has not been occupied for about 20 years and it is great to see it remodelled in a proper way for it to be functional once more.

The venue in York House together with the marquee will be launched this coming April 9. This is in conjunction with the fifth anniversary of Talbot Hotel. The hotel opened last 2012 after it has been refurbished for a couple of million pounds.

There are more plans for the York House such as a banqueting Hall and additional rooms inside. For couples wanting to wed but with limited space indoor, marquee hire in Sydney is a great solution.

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